Monday, April 27, 2015

Bonus Muppet Monday

Here's a thing about me: sometimes I just randomly draw weird Muppets on scrap paper. Actually, they're usually more depressed than weird. Becca keeps finding them and asked me to post them, because I usually don't like to show off my drawings.

As you know, when I was a kid, designing or performing Muppets is one of the things I wanted to do, so I guess that just comes out in my silly doodling. My therapist, who does art therapy with some patients, encouraged me to come up with characters to represent pieces of myself, so I created this guy: Toad Dweebie.

This is the side of myself that would love to be much more laid back, easygoing, non-judgmental and unflappable. I was talking to Becca about this the other day, and she said that would be hard for me because when you grow up bullied and abused, you're always defensive and always waiting for the next blow. That makes me sad, but I know it's true. It's very, very hard for me to relax.

That should be "affect," not "effect," man. Toad's too laid back and froody to be fussy about it, man.

Anyway, maybe I'll share more of Toad Dweebie some day. He's got a dad called Pa Dud who's even weirder and more philosophical.


Jason said...

Those are really charming... look forward to seeing more when you feel like sharing them...

Roger Owen Green said...

Well, you can draw. (And seriously, I absolutely CANNOT!)