Monday, March 09, 2015

Muppet Monday

I've just gotten home from therapy and read that the animator Jeff Hale has died. So while there are no Muppets in it, I decided to post this compilation of all of the Pinball Number Count films from Sesame Street, which he animated.

Jeff Hale (1923-2015) also animated the Ringmaster segments from Sesame Street, and one of my personal favorites, the Typewriter segments. Outside of the show, he also directed two notable shorts, The Great Toy Robbery (1963, for the great National Film Board of Canada) and the controversial Thank You Mask Man (1971), which takes its audio from a Lenny Bruce routine and, well, that's what makes it very controversial. ("Controversial" is often code for "a lot of swear words" although here it also means "jokes about homosexuality and bestiality.") And he also appeared in front of the camera as Augie "Ben" Doggie in the classic spoof Hardware Wars, animated the "B-17" segment in Heavy Metal, and worked at Marvel Productions where he was an animation director on Transformers, GI Joe, and best of all, Muppet Babies. And I see he even worked on Here Comes Garfield, the first Garfield special, before they were boring.

So, basically, this guy's work was all over my childhood. So why not say thank you with a Muppet Monday?

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