Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Site Stuff

I just found out while writing the post below that Google is forcing a policy on Blogger where any blog with images of nudity on it--and mine certainly qualifies--will have its settings changed to private after March 23. As usual, Corporate America is falling below the low standards I've already set for it when it comes to their desperate quest to keep anybody anywhere from accidentally seeing a boob.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do here. 10 years is a lot of posts to go through in order to weed out nudity. I might be able to do that, sure, but I might also export my blog and go somewhere else (but where? WordPress?) or even start over again on another Blogger. I have no illusions about permanence on the internet; I've had accounts and blogs deleted in enough places that I've become accepting of the disappointing yet easily wielded power to delete something. And I worry that, like everything else on the internet--DMCA takedowns, for example--this new rule is going to be misapplied in all manner of ways.

I mean, do I really need to go through 10 years of Sunday Hotties posts and check them for tits? And if I find them, do I take them down? Find a new picture? It just ruins the whole flow.

I'll figure it out. Like I said, might be time to move. Or maybe I'll just make a bunch of changes.

This whole thing is unbelievably ridiculous.


Nathan said...

Is there any sense to this policy? It's not like there aren't other places on the Internet you can see boobs. What's the point?

Roger Owen Green said...

And how much is too much? What is considered art?

Tom Lester said...

In case you wanted to know all the Sunday Hotties with nipples/full frontal, I made a list for you.

483, 459, 446, 428, 423, 401, 398, 393, 390, 366, 333, 331, 330, 329, 324, 323, 320, 305, 302, 283, 263, 258? blurred, 255, 249, 246? cartoon, 242, 234, 215, 210, 206, 201, 172, 163? areola, 141, 136, 133, 130, 117, 115, 107, 100, 99, 96, 90, 88, 86, 77, 75, 64, 57, 54, 50? areola, no more posts were marked as sunday hottie before number 49.

SamuraiFrog said...

Wow, thanks for that!