Saturday, February 28, 2015

On the Other Red-Gloved Hand

I've already talked about how I would incorporate the Miles Morales Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I'd really rather see something like that than getting rammed with yet another version of Peter Parker and yet another telling of his origin.

(As an aside, the guy who prompted that first post--the guy who is really against using Miles and who asked for a reasonable-sounding pitch for introducing the character into the MCU--has gone on and on--to the point where I almost unfollowed him--about how it makes no sense to do Miles "before" Peter. I think that's pure bullshit at this point. Dude, Peter Parker's been around since 1962. He's a major media property. People have been aware of his existence for a very long time. He's starred in something like seven television series. There have been 5 movies about him in the last 13 years. I think people get his deal, and I think something new is not a threat.

Look, people go to see these movies because they're good and they're fun and Marvel finally realized that superheroes are not a genre but characters who can exist in any genre and anyone can enjoy them... not because they hew closely to any source material. I know this is hard for a lot of fanboys to deal with, but probably upwards of 90% of the audience for these movies doesn't read comic books and won't care how exact something is. If it makes sense as a story unto itself, people will dig it, and that's what makes discussing films with comics fans such a drag most of the time: because they want to talk about whether or not Aquaman has blond hair as though it affects anything.

The guy's argument was "it would be like doing a Flash TV series with Wally West instead of Barry Allen, it makes no sense!" Now, I get what he's trying to say: Wally was inspired by Barry's Flash to become the Flash, and Miles was inspired by Peter Parker's Spider-Man to become Spidey. But I don't think you need to bother with those things. I think that if you don't know it wouldn't matter. Hell, show Miles watching an episode of the old 60s Spider-Man cartoon if you have to go the inspiration route. But if a guy develops spider-powers in a cinematic universe with no Spider-Man in it, does it really matter at all if Peter Parker ever existed? Does it matter? Really?

Dude, no one minds that Jay Garrick doesn't exist on the Flash series, do they?)



I'd still love for Miles to be Spider-Man in the MCU more than anything, but one thing I'm also willing to accept: what if we just, you know, bring back Tobey Maguire?

One of the great frustrations for me is that Sam Raimi never got to finish his series of films, mainly due to Sony's impatience and their attempts to force characters in there that didn't belong there. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies are still the definitive adaptations for me--even with the problems in the third movie--because he really got the tone of the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko early run. His Peter Parker was an overwhelmed kid who was trying to do his best in a world that was throwing everything at him that it could.

(Another aside: how I relate to Spider-Man depends almost entirely on his wisecracking. If he's doing it in that way where he's trying to appear tough but is actually covering for how scared he is--as in the Raimi movies--I feel for the guy. If he's an arrogant, sarcastic jerk--as he is in too many media, including a lot of the recent comics--I hate him. I've not seen either of the Andrew Garfield movies, but the little bits I've seen on TV make Spider-Man look like a fucking prick.)

So, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man left me hanging, and, you know, if we could work him in as MCU canon and just sort of say he's been there and there just wasn't a need to talk about him before... I would have zero problems with that. In fact, I'd be quite enthusiastic for it. Let's say Peter stopped being Spider-Man for a while in order to concentrate on working out his relationship stuff. He figured Iron Man could handle everything, right? Hell, if you want to shove him into Civil War so you can have that unmasking moment everyone wants, doesn't it make sense to use Tobey Maguire, since the audience would actually already know him? Maybe the whole registration furor is what brings him back.

Bring back Tobey. Bring back Kirsten Dunst. Bring back Sam Raimi. Bring back Rosemary Harris and JK Simmons! Let's make the MCU movie Spider-Man 4. Let's just continue the damn thing and not have to go through the damn origin again and pretend those damn Marc Webb movies never happened. Let's give Spider-Man his slightly dorky sincerity back. That gee whiz of the Raimi movies fits in much better with the MCU than too-cool cynicism.

Otherwise, it's Miles all the way for me. I'm sick of new Peter Parkers. This is like a damn Clone Saga. Miles or Tobey Maguire, that's all I'll be excited over.

I'll probably get neither.

But as far as I'm concerned...

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Jason said...

Ooh! I like this idea! I still haven't seen the rebooted Spidey movies because I was so annoyed that they went back to square-one origin stories instead of simply continuing the series with a new actor. But now we've got all the rumblings about a new Alien movie that may (or may not, depending on which story you read) ignore Alien3 and Resurrection, so why NOT go back to Maguire? Hell, it'd be pretty interesting to see an adult Spidey who's been around a while and has grown into the job...

Damn. Now I'm all excited for something that probably won't happen...