Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Z Is for Zizzy Zoomers

And we come to the end of my Muppet alphabet, with a simple (and short) little song about the letter Z, featuring the Zizzy Zoomers (performed by Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Jerry Nelson) singing their eponymous song. This is another Joe Raposo-penned song from The Muppet Alphabet Album that was then done on Sesame Street in 1973.

I particularly like the light effects here, and all of that zigging and zagging against the black background. Jim really liked doing that black background stuff. (I notice that a lot of people read that as creepy, but I think it's vivid alternate puppetry technique stuff.)

And that brings us to the end. 26 weeks of Muppets. I'm not a hundred percent sure if I'll be doing the next round of ABC Wednesday or not, but I'll obviously have decided by next week.

ABC Wednesday


Jason said...

Oh, man, I'd forgotten all about these guys! And I remember thinking the black-velvet puppetry was really cool when I was a kid. The early Sesame Street had a lot of subversive and downright weird aspects to it, which is probably (IMO)a big factor in its early success...

Roger Owen Green said...

If you do ABCW, you know you don't HAVE to do a theme. Though your theme was great.