Friday, January 30, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

:: Werner Herzog Offers 24 Pieces of Filmmaking & Life Advice. It's more fun if you read it aloud in his voice.

:: I find it interesting that this new General Mills commercial really goes with the design aesthetic that's so popular in modern cartoons now. It kind of works, but it's also kind of not my thing. I'm in the middle, I guess.

:: The trailer for Alien reimagined as CGI steampunk.

:: Delightful ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ Fan Art Inserts Comics Into Real-Life Scenes

:: Sir Patrick Stewart Debunks His Pizza-Eating Rumor. Also: The Most Annoying People on the Plane starring Sir Patrick Stewart.

:: I don't know how I missed these, but Jaden Smith's nonsensical tweets really do make great Garfield Minus Garfield comics. (One and two.)

:: My favorite Muppet... one of my favorite songs... well, why not?

Dedicated editing. I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't the whole song.

:: True Adventures in Better Homes by artist Nadine Boughton is a stunning collision of men's adventure mags with Better Homes and Gardens.

:: I was hypnotized and calmed by this wonderful video of a monkey teaching a human how to crush leaves.

And finally, possibly the funniest YouTube video I've ever seen--which may say a lot about me. This one really made me laugh on a day when I was in the grip of withdrawal and desperately needed it.

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