Monday, January 26, 2015

Muppet Monday

Today's Muppet Monday post is brought to you by the number 10. It also doesn't actually have any Muppets in it...

I thought of doing a theme about the number 10 because, well, tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Electronic Cerebrectomy. (And hey, the name itself is a Muppet reference, so this seems like an appropriate place to bring it up.)

10 years since my first post and its terrible reference joke. When my wife (then girlfriend) said "You you should try doing a blog, I bet you might like it," I never thought I'd actually be blogging a decade later. It's one of the things that's helped keep me even. I'm glad I do it.

So here are some celebrations of the number 10 from Sesame Street to celebrate a full decade of my life blogged.

Surreal, man.

"Song of Ten," the last of Jim Henson's "Numerosity" films from the first season. (The little boy with the bells is Jim's late son John.)

"Jazz #10," the last of Danny Zeitlin's animated counting films from the first season. That's Grace Slick's voice.

"Mad Painter #10." Remember the Mad Painter? I'm so grateful that Sesame Street reran so many episodes and reused so many segments, because so many of these older segments (these are from the show's third season, 1971-1972, before I was born) were part of the fabric of my development. Paul Benedict, best known as Harry Bentley on The Jeffersons (he also had one of what I thought was the funniest lines in This Is Spinal Tap) played the Mad Painter.

"Ten Turtles," a bouncy little Bud Luckey cartoon from 1971 with a song by Steve Zuckerman.

And last, of course I had to include the "Pinball Number Count #10," which was always my favorite of these, because it had a medieval theme and there was a dragon in it. These were all made by Jeff Hale, with a song by Walt Kraemer and performed, of course, by the Pointer Sisters.


Kelly Sedinger said...

Ten years, wow! Congrats and here's to ten more! I remember when I started, I thought I'd run out of stuff to say after a year. Little did I know.... (And I actually gave it up for three months in 2008!)

(Oh, and I always dug the Number Painter. My favorite was #6, for obvious reasons when you see it: he puts a 6, in icing, on a cake some baker has just made, and the baker expresses his annoyances by shoving the cake in his face. My path was set even at that early age!)

Roger Owen Green said...

wow, 10 is impressive, or crazy. I hit 10 in May, so I know of what I speak!

Roger Owen Green said...

And I remember #1, #2 and #5 as though it were the day before yesterday.