Saturday, January 17, 2015

Joy Is Everywhere

Boy, we had a bad week this week, me and my wife. So today I'm making deep dish pizza from scratch. Cooking is a double-edged sword for me--I love to do it, but I'm constantly anxious about it. It helps me focus, but it also makes me nervous. Today, some weird thing is happening where I'm feeling good and confident about it, and while I'm waiting for my dough to (hopefully) rise, I'll post this song that I had going through my head while I was kneading.

I watched Easy Money last night on MGMHD. I love this movie, I love Rodney Dangerfield, and it was nice to see Taylor Negron, who sadly passed away last week; I always thought he was funny in everything I ever saw him in.

So, for now, just enjoying the moment.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Easy Money is one my top five comedies of all time. Back in the day we must have seen it in the theatre five times and then ruined more than one VHS cassette in university. So many great lines. None better than the speech Taylor Negron gives to Alison about how he has to have sex with her on their wedding night or he will die, just like a guy who knew a guy did. I can still recite that entire speech from memory, much to the delight of the boys around the campfire.

Don't get me started on the wedding cake in the bake of the plumbing van.

Roger Owen Green said...

I learned that song in grade school!

Kelly Sedinger said...

So how did your pizza turn out? I haven't mastered deep dish yet. My dough ends up WAY too thick in the pan for some reason...I need to work on that, but I don't make it all that often because of The Wife's gluten-free diet.

SamuraiFrog said...

It actually turned out great, far better than it ever has before. I use the Bobby Flay recipe that I think you linked to way back. I know what you mean; it usually turns out too thick or too floury. What I did this time was cut the recipe in half, and then use only half of the dough for the actual pizza. (My wife later used the other half to make a thin crust pizza.)

I finally learned to not just dump the second batch of flour onto the dough all at once, though, which is my usual mistake. By adding a little at a time, I was able to keep the dough more moist and cut back on that floury taste. I didn't use all of the flour the recipe calls for, which is probably the key.

In the past month, I've made a great deep dish pizza, great pasta (from scratch), and the best cheesecake ever... I'm getting confident in my cooking, and it's kind of freaking me out.

Roger Owen Green said...

Frog - Ya got skillz!