Thursday, December 04, 2014

Xmas: "What Christmas Means to Me"

SamuraiFrog's Essential Christmas Songs #23. I do love Jessica Simpson's Christmas album, ReJoyce (which she recorded for her late grandmother, Joyce, hence the styling of the title). It's the only album where she really gets to sing in the style she does live, instead of having to fit into the pop mold. (Not that she's far off from it, but there's a difference between her jazzier live shows and her hideously autotuned second album, for example.) Her version of this old Motown song might not be the best one--I'm not sure anyone's even capable of recording a version of a song that's better than Stevie Wonder's version--but it is the track I go to each year off this album. So, this is the beginning of my annual Christmas music posts.

Christmas songs are one of my favorite parts of this season, so I'll be putting these up on Sundays and Thursdays this year.

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Roger Owen Green said...

It's...OK. The Stevie version is SO ingrained in my heart that nothing can compare.