Monday, December 08, 2014

Xmas: Calvin and Hobbes, 1986

No kidding, my sister and I once woke our parents up at 3 in the morning because we were so excited about Christmas morning. They actually let us look at our "Santa Claus presents" and then made us go back to bed.

When I got a certain age, I stopped waking up before 6--between 6 and 7 was always my usual wake-up time. But one of my favorite Christmas memories is of being at my Dad's on Christmas morning and sitting in my bedroom, reading because no one else was up yet, and then hearing Ellen (who was about four or five at the time) open her bedroom door, see the presents, gasp with wonder, and then RUN to my door and yell "Aaron! Aaron! Santa came!"

In later years, I'd head out to my Dad's early for Christmas morning rather than staying overnight, and I was always surprised that I woke him up when I'd get there around 6. Like, don't the kids get up really early, unable to contain their excitement? Nope, apparently that's just anxious little me. Ellen and Audrie didn't get up early on Christmas day, so Dad and I would just hang around and argue about politics while I drank coffee and leafed through the paper, waiting for everyone else to get up.

So, full circle: went from waking Dad up early to... waking Dad up early.


Tallulah Morehead said...
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Tallulah Morehead said...

As kids, my siblings and I were FORBIDDEN to go anywhere near the living room until we were all summoned. Period! Sneaking down to take a peak would risk losing all your presents. They were very strict about this. On the other hand, they also knew they were stuck commencing Xmas morning around 7 AM.

You see, Dad would be set up to photograph our faces as we first beheld the living room full of stuff Dad had laboriously assembled around 2 AM. Of course, they were hard to see with flash bulbs going off in our faces as were were still focusing. Year after year of those flash photos, and not one of them made it into the family photo albums, because they always looked like five kids in PJs and bathrobes blinking at the flash.

But I remember how luxurious it felt my first Xmas in my own home, when I got to sleep in until 11 AM. Now that was a nice present.