Friday, December 26, 2014

This Week in Neat-O

Just a couple of things post-holiday.

:: Lots of people are linking to this video of the first five minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey synced up with Alex North's original score. You can read some more about it here. I've never been a hundred percent clear on whether Kubrick ever actually intended to use the score, or was just giving a friend some work. I remember getting the cassette of the score from the library 20+ years ago on that edition Varese Sarabande put out. I think North's score is beautiful (nearly the equal of his Spartacus score, which is a favorite of mine), but it's not right for the movie itself. Listened to on its own, it's marvelous. Seeing it with the footage is kind of surreal and the movie doesn't need it. It's less contemplative and mysterious.

:: I love Andreas Deja's holiday drawing and eagerly await the completion of the film he's working on.

:: Last week's Saturday Night Live with Amy Adams was a pretty worthless episode--probably the worst of the year for me so far--but this cut sketch made me laugh a bit. I do appreciate them taking the piss out of that damn scene in Love Actually. I adore that movie to death, but the way that bit gets praised as romantic really bugs me... I mean, the guy is hitting on his best friend's wife, after all.

:: John Morris' Menorah of Jewish Superheroes.


Kelly Sedinger said...

Ahhh, Alex North's score. You know you're talking to an unhinged film music fan when they insist (and believe me, quite a few do) that the film would have been BETTER with North's music. That's just insanity, in my view. As to whether Kubrick ever intended to use North's music, I've got to assume no...and even if he was just tossing a friend a job, not telling him that his music hadn't been used and letting him find out when he's sitting down to watch the movie and hearing Richard Strauss instead? Dick move, Kubrick!

Jason said...

Wow. I've never heard about that Alex North score. It's... different. It sounds very dated to me, very late '50s/early '60s to me. In fact it reminds me of one of those industrial films they used to show in schools and visitor centers... "The Story of... COPPER! Nature's conductor!"

SamuraiFrog said...

That made me laugh; I remember watching those, particularly in Industrial Arts. Yeah, the score is pretty dated, even in 1968. Love it on its own, but not for the movie.