Friday, December 05, 2014

This Week in Neat-O

I hear Santa hides the really good toys near his uvula.

:: If you have an hour, or you're cooking, or cleaning, or whatever, and want to throw on some music, here's a Genesis concert from 1973 with enhanced HD audio. It sounds fantastic. This is when Peter Gabriel was still with the band, and it's either something to play and get lost in, or for serious prog rock fans like myself. For example: the band plays for an hour, but they only perform five songs, including a version of "The Musical Box" that's almost 15 minutes longer than the version on Nursery Cryme. The rest of the songs are from Foxtrot (they close with the full 37 minutes of "Supper's Ready") and Selling England by the Pound. Fab stuff but, I get it, not for everyone.

:: Here's something weird: a 1979 pilot for a sitcom set in space called Starstruck. Arthur Kopit wrote this. Someone who worked on it and had a copy on video posted it to YouTube and gave some background to it on Reddit. It doesn't really work, and there's some real miscasting, and it's very much from that post-Star Wars period of trying to copy its success, but there's no money to do it justice, so it looks more like McDonaldland than anything else. What a weird idea for a sitcom. See it once to say you saw it. I adore one of the puppets. The one with four arms.

I love this Jurassic World fan art by Manuel Unda. (via)

:: This blog post says everything I've been trying to articulate for years about exactly why I don't like Stephen Moffat's tenure as Doctor Who showrunner (and some of the problems I have with Sherlock).

:: Here's a video of a Superman action figure that flew to the edge of space and back. For reals.

:: This is a real treat: you can read the opening paragraphs from Jessica Max Stein's Funny Boy: The Richard Hunt Biography right here. I'm really excited to read this book!


:: And last, here's a Kool-Aid commercial I ran across from 1965. It features Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd and was directed by Tex Avery.


Roger Owen Green said...

I AM a prog rock fan; will have to listen to the Genesis at some point.

Love Nichelle Nichols! said...

Star Trek Original Series Rulez!

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