Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Joe Cocker 1944-2014

Sad news that Joe Cocker has passed away. His first three albums--With a Little Help from My Friends, Joe Cocker!, and Mad Dogs and Englishmen--are tremendous. He did a lot of songs that I loved over the years... even "Up Where We Belong," which is a little cheesy, but I love it.

I could never think of Joe Cocker without thinking of my Dad. I just remember "When the Night Comes" being one of those songs that he'd turn the volume up on the radio for. We both loved John Belushi's SNL Cocker impression, and I used to do it sometimes when Cocker was on the radio to make my old man laugh. I always relished getting a laugh out of my Dad, because it was kind of hard to get one when I was just being my silly self.

I'm glad Joe Cocker shared his voice with us. He left us a beautiful body of work.


Roger Owen Green said...

Zee mad dahgs, ze Englishmun, and Joe Co-CARE!

Tonio Kruger said...

My late father was a big fan of his song "You Are So Beautiful" and my best female friend is a big fan of his version of Randy Newman's "You Can Leave Your Hat On."

I'm sorry to hear about his passing.