Saturday, December 20, 2014

20th Anniversary

Today is mine and Becca's 20th anniversary. Since we didn't marry until 2009, we always counted from our first date, which was on December 20, 1994. Twenty years later, despite all I've ever put her through, we're still together.

I know it can't be easy to love and help take care of someone with my array of disorders, dysfunctions and dilemmas. Somehow, she does it. Sometimes I feel like we're still together in spite of how bad I am at functioning in most situations, and I'm very grateful to have never broken things beyond repair. And I know, on a rational level, that a lot of this is just not giving anyone the benefit of the doubt that they could actually love me. Part of me is always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and I know there have been times when I've not been as concerned with her feelings as I should have been because I've always assumed that she's going to wise up and leave me at some point, anyway. Generalized Anxiety Disorder 101.

But here we are, two full decades later, still together, in love, and best friends. She's all I want or need in the world. She's someone who will just listen to music with me and watch movies with me and make silly lists with me and take me out of myself. My favorite time of the day is when we go to bed for the night, just laying against each other and making jokes and drifting off to sleep.

Being with Becca is the best thing I've ever done with my life, and the only thing I want to do with it.

Happy anniversary, Becca. Thank you for loving me.


Kelly Sedinger said...

Awww! This is very sweet. Congratulations on 20 years! (I hope she enjoyed or is enjoying the book, by the way!)

bliss_infinte said...

Congrats to the both of you. Here's to twenty more sweet years!

SamuraiFrog said...

Thanks, guys!

And she IS enjoying the book very much, she's just had a crazy Christmas work schedule.

Tonio Kruger said...


Pat O'Connor said...

Here's to twenty more!

Sam G said...

Gosh darnit I always miss the big things around here. Anyways happy belated anniversary!