Sunday, November 16, 2014

Song of the Week: "Strangers When We Meet"

Songs for Becca #28. This is the only album that Becca and I ever bought separately. When it came out, we had been together for a little less than a year and we weren't doing that thing where you just buy one of something for the couple. We each bought one for ourselves. We were excited to finally have a new Bowie album, Outside, the first part of a trilogy that never happened. I've always loved this fascinating sound collage, but the masterpiece of the album is this song, which serves as an epilogue, and which is also a re-record of a song he did for the Buddha of Suburbia soundtrack. (I think this is the better version for Mike Garson's piano alone.) This one sort of became "our song" for a while. It just fills me with so much emotion. This is one of those songs Bowie occasionally records, too, where he lyrics don't exactly make sense, they just fit the meter, so it's purposefully obtuse and you bring your own meaning to it. But my favorite lyrics, the ones that always reminded me of us, come in the last verse: "My poor soul, all bruised passivity/all your regrets ride rough-shod over me." My own meaning for this song is Becca. This song has never made me feel anything except how much I love her and how much my soul is tied to hers.

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