Sunday, November 09, 2014

Song of the Week: "Johannesburg"

A few weeks ago, NBC aired a cut down version of the 1975 Richard Pryor episode of Saturday Night Live that, unfortunately, didn't include Gil Scott-Heron's performance of this great song. So I just needed to hear it again and, hey, why not share it for Song of the Week, since I've never had anything up by the man. Which is just a major omission on my part, because I love soul, jazz-funk and jazz-fusion. You can trace a line right from his music to dance music and eventually hip hop. And as always, I love the idea of a laid back, even bouncy tune packed with love and truth that is actually a protest song. This is the opening track from Scott-Heron's 1976 album From South Africa to South Carolina. Have a peaceful day.


Pat O'Connor said...

Great choice. Found this live performance from the always excellent BBC Old Grey Whistle Test from the following year.

SamuraiFrog said...

Thanks! That was fantastic.

Roger Owen Green said...

Agreed, tremendous choice. I have The Revolution Will Not be Televised stuck in my head.