Sunday, November 23, 2014

Song of the Week: "Eye in the Sky"

Songs for Becca #29. I love five albums by the Alan Parsons Project. (Basically their first five albums, if you skip 1979's Eve.). This is from the final one I really love, 1982's Eye in the Sky. This is just a fabulous song, probably my favorite single of theirs. It's like... easy listening progressive rock. It reminds me a lot of being a kid; the feeling I get from it has that warm "I'm too young for responsibility" glow that so much from the early 80s makes me feel. Like remembering what it was like to truly feel optimistic.

But mainly I posted this because Becca loves this song and said "You should post 'Eye in the Sky' today."


Jason said...

Great song, one of my favorites from middle school (I can't remember which grade I was in when it came out... seventh maybe?)

I know it's not considered one of their better efforts, possibly because it was more pop-oriented, but I've always liked the Ammonia Avenue album, in particular the single "Don't Answer Me," which had a really tripping video...

Roger Owen Green said...

I don't know why I never really listened to that song. In the early 1980s, (I was listening more to the Talking Heads and the Police, et al. But that is a lovely song.