Monday, November 10, 2014

A Couple of Lucasfilm Things That Made Me Way Too Happy

First, have you seen John Tyler Christopher's variant cover to Marvel's upcoming Star Wars #1?

That's a wonderful homage to the old Marvel Star Wars series. I'm very sure they won't be letting ol' Jaxxon in... or Plif and the Hoojibs, or Dani or the Lahsbees or the Iskalonians or any of the silly old Marvel stuff that still looms so large in my own personal Star Wars universe. But that's a nice little callback. Nice to see some of the stuff I loved as a kid still getting shout-outs. Honestly, sometimes the wonderful thing about being an adult is just having things from your childhood validated. Maybe I'll check this comic out, anyway.

Speaking of validation, how's this?

Like a lot of guys my age, I've pretty much been in love with Lea Thompson since I was 9. And I've said many times that I love the movie Howard the Duck, damn the popular perception of it. And then, outside the Dancing with the Stars rehearsal studio, this happened:

Honestly, my heart almost couldn't take that.

Some good geek references this morning. Hopefully that's a sign of a nice day to come...


Jason said...

I knew about Jaxxon's surprise cover -- I'll be buying that issue, regardless of what's actually between the covers! -- but that Lea Thompson photo just made my day!

Kelly Sedinger said...

If it helps enhance the day, here's a bit of news: You should watch the mailbox closely after tomorrow!

SamuraiFrog said...

Great news!

Roger Owen Green said...

Like lots of guys MY age too!