Sunday, October 12, 2014

Song of the Week: "The Secret Wedding"

Songs for Becca #25. It's unusual for me to include score pieces in this feature, but I was going through someone's film score tumblr this week and this track came up. I hadn't listened to the score from Braveheart for some time, but I've always liked it. It's sort of a touchstone for me now. Becca and I had been dating for about six months when this movie came out, and it was really this movie that made me aware of how much Becca actually liked film music. That was a passion I didn't share with many people, mostly because people my age seemed to think it was weird to not be into pop music or rap or whatever was right there on the radio. Becca listened to this soundtrack over and over, and we grew closer over a shared love of film scores. That was sort of important to me; sometimes she's just not into something that I am, and I'm glad this is one thing that she shares with me.

I do wish this score wasn't mixed quite so low and quiet; I'd love to hear it remastered some day. I had to crank the volume up a bit for it, but it's worth it. It's just lovely, lilting, delicate music. A soft love theme from James Horner's Oscar-nominated score.

UPDATE 8:46 PM: It just occurred to me (and I don't know how it didn't when I posted this, as it fits in with the track) that Becca and I actually had a secret wedding, more or less. We didn't tell anyone we were doing it, and we didn't tell anyone after we did it for something like a month or six weeks. We just went to the courthouse. It was a nice day, but very rainy. We didn't want a wedding wedding, and dealing with family, etc., gives the both of us so much stress. I honestly didn't even think anyone would want to come, and it was really about us, anyway. I know, part of that is my anxiety and all. Anyway, secret wedding.

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