Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jack O'Lantern 2014

I do seem to be on an every-other-year schedule with pumpkin carving. Well, some years just don't work out, so you have to make the ones that do really count. This year I got a little more special effects-y.

I've known for weeks that I wanted to do something with a single eye. I came up with a couple of ideas. One was to do an eye stalk, but I didn't know what to make them from, so I compromised and did a bulging eye.

I didn't want to just have a hole and say it was an eye, so I repurposed the top of a plastic water bottle. I painted the inside of the bottle white and gave it some red vein accents. You can't see them in the picture, but they'll pay off as soon as it gets dark. So this is his bulging eye.

The pumpkin selection wasn't that great this year; I picked this one because I thought his head stalk was pretty magnificent and because he had that great lean. That way, I could give him a wide-but-thin and despairing mouth. You know I like my long, Muppet-style mouths on pumpkins.

I didn't want to just leave a blank hole, so I painted the clear bottle cap blue. I think it turned out to be a good color choice. It was chilly cold last night, so we put him over on the Halloween Mood Table.

And now here he is in the dark.

One without flash, one with. See, those red veins really pay off, eh? I love the effect of it.

This guy doesn't have a lot of opening, so he doesn't get a lot of oxygen and his candle burns out quickly. I wasn't thrilled with the light effect, so Becca had the great idea to put two candles inside of him, so he really pops and makes the most of that light while he's on.

I'm glad I decided to repurpose the bottle; it elevates this guy from just a carving and makes me feel like a creature creator. Since we spent all day finishing the second season of Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, I decided to name him Nabiru.

Nabiru's going to sit up on the mood table for a little while longer, and then he'll go out on the porch. If light him up tomorrow night, I might cut some air holes in the back so he'll breathe a little while longer. And then I'll take the bottle out and let him feed the squirrels for a while.

I'm glad I got to make him this year.

Becca's pumpkin was, as always, almost effortlessly amazing.

She entered hers into our building's pumpkin contest, so maybe we'll win a rent credit. I think it's gorgeous. This is the first year she's painted it instead of carving it, and it's fantastic.

To another year of pumpkin creation!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Such a great idea for a pumpkin. Such creativity.

Roger Owen Green said...

They are both great pumpkins!