Wednesday, October 01, 2014

It's October 1st!

And, as I often do, I'm going to be peppering my blog with spooky and autumnal stuff until Halloween arrives.

This morning was a nice fall morning, too; sunny, but crisp. After therapy, we went to the diner for breakfast and had some more of that wonderful pumpkin french toast, only my second time having it, and what a treat. Warm, gooey, filled with cream cheese, topped with whipped cream and pumpkin spice... with some very hot coffee and some thick, crispy bacon.

I love the Halloween season. The mundane becomes wonderful, and it's more socially acceptable to be, you know, childlike.

Already, I've mentioned the delight of seeing Halloween commercials. I finally did see the Party City commercial, but they've changed it, with a remix of "Thriller" and more of a focus on Marvel Super Heroes, which is fine and all, but I admit, I miss the laughing devil baby that used to end the commercial.

Ah, well. Halloweens past; still, seeing Party City advertising their Halloween stuff instantly made it feel like Halloween is just around the corner and not in another four weeks.

I love when brands go the extra mile and put out special Halloween food items, too. This year, I've been alerted to the existence of Hostess Cupcakes with orange filling. Not just orange-colored, but orange-flavored, so I want to see what that's like. Also, I've already had a bowl of Cap'n Crunch Halloween Crunch, and if my body was telling me anything afterward, it's that I'm not young enough to do that anymore. Stick to the General Mills Monsters, bud.

My favorite Halloween food so far this year has been a surprise: Cheetos. I do not like Cheetos. But then they put out something they're calling the Bag of Bones, where all the pieces are made to look like various skeleton parts.

There's a skull. They taste wonderful. Apparently when it comes to synthetic cheese dust on puffed air, white cheddar is what my body prefers. Also, a secret reason I love Halloween food--especially new for this year Halloween food--is that it all tastes fresh. It doesn't taste like it's been sitting in a warehouse for a year. It's why the only time of the year I ever eat Oreos is when the Halloween editions with the orange filling comes out. (Why bother eating it any other time, eh? They've skimped so much on the filling that all you're left with is a begrudging smear.) I haven't tried the pumpkin spice Oreos, and I'm not sure if I will. Anyone have them yet?

I tell my wife in no uncertain terms: Halloween edition foods are not a luxury, they're a holiday celebration. A celebration of the greatest holiday.

I'm feeling very Halloween-festive this year.

Here's a song to kick things off: "Scream and Scream Again," by the great Amen Corner, from the movie of the same name. Don't care for the movie, but I love this damn song.

Let's have a great month!


Yasmin said...

We don't really have Halloween food here in Germany but I just realized something. That it's actually okay to get some sort of joy or happiness from food. Not in the "I'm stuffing myself to cope" sense(which, to be honest, I can't relate to but have been "accused" of doing) but in the sense that even mundane and little can bring you joy. And I think especially when you're suffering from depression its so much easier to get even just a few minutes or even seconds of happiness from small things like food than it is from bigger life things that can never really stand alone to be enjoyed in your mind. But I a lot of times kind of forbade myself to feel that happiness when eating something amazing, especially in public, because I thought I wasn't supposed to, allowed to.
What I'm really saying is that I wish we had Halloween food in Germany and that I can't wait for my favorite Christmas chocolate :)

Kelly Sedinger said...

The Pumpkin Spice oreos are OK. They're not great, but if you like PUMPKIN IN ALL THE THINGS, they're a perfectly acceptable addition to that pantheon. Put it this way: I'm glad I bought a package, and I may buy one each year they're available. But ONLY one package.

SamuraiFrog said...

Yasmin: I've been accused of doing that, too; I think it's just easy to see someone as fat and depressed as I am and assume I must be eating my feelings. The truth is, for a very long time I felt guilty buying food for just me, so I'd barely eat during the day and shock my system at night with a normal-sized dinner with my wife. My body would hold on to everything because it was in starvation mode all day. So, it's still an unhealthy relationship with food, but there are people who don't really believe me when I tell them that. Talk to my doctors, man, they've always told me I'm overweight from undernourishment.

That's a big realization: it's okay to get joy from food. I denied myself that for a long time, too, and often felt guilty about enjoying good food. My size is the thing I got made fun of and bullied about as a kid, even by my own family, and it takes a long time to silence those voices.

Kelly: I'm still on the "use sparingly" side of pumpkin in food, so I'm still on the fence. (Also, just not into the vanilla Oreos.)

I will, however, be baking pumpkin pie soon, so maybe I'll just save myself for that.

Kelly Sedinger said...

I think they had to go with the vanilla cookie because the chocolate would have overpowered the pumpkin. It's a fairly mild version of the pumpkin thing. They're good, but they're hardly essential!