Thursday, October 30, 2014

HALLOWEEN: Throwback Thursday

I've been sharing these on Facebook, but here are four early Halloween pictures from my past.

1976. I was three and a half months old.

1978. My first time trick-or-treating, dressed as a baseball player and carrying a beach pail. Apparently my parents didn't intend to take me out, but I was just too fascinated by all of the costumed people coming to the door. (I still have that hat. No, it doesn't fit.)

1979. My sister Jayne was nine months old, so I assume she only wore the witch mask for the picture. Funnily enough, she dressed as a witch most years for Halloween. Love my Scooby Doo mask.

And 1980, at the age of four. Jayne didn't like wearing the mask, so I didn't wear mine, either. You can still see the Toys 'R Us price tag on my plastic pumpkin. I had that pumpkin for years, and it was tall, so it could hold a lot of candy. Jayne looks so cute.

1 comment:

Reader Wil said...

You were all cute! And the pumpkin
turned out well! That bulging eye looks scary!
We hardly celebrate Haloween here in the Netherlands.
Wil, ABCW Team.