Saturday, October 11, 2014

HALLOWEEN: Skittles Web

I don't usually love Skittles commercials, but I've been seeing this short take on TV a lot lately, and it's my favorite Halloween-themed commercial this year by far. (And hey, there was only one great new one last year, the Verizon Star Wars Family... I wish they'd brought that back this year.) This is a great little gag.

There's an extended version of this that you can see it here.

Also, by way of the Halloween food update, I've gotten a hold of some Franken Berry Fruit Roll-Ups and Count Chocula Bars. Gonna stick to one box of each this year instead of stuffing my face with them. (The Fruit Roll-Ups are a little too sugary for me.) Also, I tried those caramel apple-flavored Twizzlers and was surprised how much I dug them. I think Becca had one and I ate all the rest. Oh, well. Good stuff.

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