Friday, October 03, 2014

HALLOWEEN: Peanuts, 1970

Note: I am going to put up Peanuts Halloween comics once a week, the way I have for the last couple of years, but I find it interesting that these are from 1971, while last year I posted the years 1964-1968. That means that for two years there was no Great Pumpkin reference in the comic strip. You could tell that after It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown aired, Charles M. Schulz was getting a little tired of it and felt obligated to throw the character in. But from here on out, there won't be big story arcs concerning this Great Pumpkin business as often.

Also, a Halloween update: I mentioned orange-filled Hostess Cupcakes a couple of posts ago, but actually they're Twinkies, and I grabbed some yesterday. They're filled with "Orange S'cream" filling, which is a very bright shade of orange, and tastes very orangey. They're surprisingly good, but I won't find myself buying any more this year, probably. I haven't liked Twinkies in a very, very long time. But this is a nice little throwback that tastes fresh. Good memories coming back!

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