Thursday, October 02, 2014

HALLOWEEN: Bill Cosby and the Muppets

Here are the last 11 minutes of an episode of The Cosby Show, "Cliff's Nightmare." In the episode, Cliff eats a sausage sandwich late at night and, trying to sleep with an upset stomach, finds himself in a Muppet-filled nightmare hospital. I remember being very, very surprised by this episode when it aired; I had no idea Muppets were going to be on the show!

This was produced as part of the fifth season of the series, but didn't air until the middle of the sixth season. Some of the Muppets you'll see in the clip--such as Kevin Clash's Leon (the guy who hustles Cliff out of his money) and Dave Goelz's wonderful, gone-too-soon character Digit--were characters who premiered on The Jim Henson Hour. That was a short-lived NBC series, which was pulled off the air pretty quickly. There was a thought that this episode might serve as cross-promotion. His duties on that series are why Jim Henson doesn't perform in this sequence (and why Bill Cosby appears in the balcony substituting for Waldorf with a cranky Statler).

You'll also see Sweetums, Doglion, Beautiful Day Monster, Luncheon Counter Monster and the Great Gonzo--and sharp-eyed hardcore Muppet fans might even catch Boo Monster in the operating theater, from the even-more-short-lived-than-The Jim Henson Hour Saturday morning show Little Muppet Monsters.


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Marja said...

Love Bill Cosby and love the muppets haha and that talking sandwich
Great to see them all together