Monday, October 06, 2014

Geoffrey Holder 1930-2014

Geoffrey Holder has died at the age of 84. I first encountered his work as a child when he played Punjab in Annie and appeared in a series of 7 Up commercials. As I got older, I found out he was so much more accomplished: dancer, choreographer, director, painter, singer, photographer, costume designer. He directed the Broadway premiere of The Wiz and became the first black man nominated for a Tony for direction and costume design, both of which he won. He was of course in Live and Let Die, and provided the narration for Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He even has a Muppet connection, performing as the voice of Ray (the Sun) on Bear in the Big Blue House. And he choreographed the season 5 opening of The Cosby Show, which was my favorite title sequence.

Something about him always seemed like magic to me, and I'm sorry to see he's left us behind. But what he left with us was wonderful.


Roger Owen Green said...

did not know Holder choreographed that Cosby opening!

Tallulah Morehead said...

I am very sorry to hear this. He was an amazing talent. He won't be remembered for under-acting, but he will always be remembered with love.

Kelly Sedinger said...

One reason I'm glad for all the blogs I read is that when someone like Mr. Holder dies, they establish the context for me. I never knew his name; he was one of many That guys, and now I know which guy. I never realized just how large his pop-cultural footprint really was!