Sunday, September 14, 2014

Star S'Mores

I've really been enjoying the Cookie's Crumby Pictures parodies from Sesame Street. The new season of the show (its 45th) starts tomorrow, and they've put some clips online in advance of it. Here's this season's first Crumby Picture, meant to teach us about self-control. That is one adorable cookie.

I hope some kind of cast list turns up for this thing, because it's driving me a little crazy. Groda sounds so much like Frank Oz, who does still drop in from time to time to perform or just dub a voice. If it's not him, Eric Jacobson's Grover has gotten really, really good. (No surprise; his Cookie Monster, Fozzie, and especially Miss Piggy are wonderful, I just don't see Grover as much these days, since I don't really watch Sesame Street anymore. Notice I didn't question whether Frank Oz was voicing Cookie, although I suppose he could be, couldn't he?)

Also, that's definitely Peter Linz, the performer of Walter, doing Luke Piewalker, right?

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