Monday, September 15, 2014

Halloween Kit Kat Commercial

I guess I'm just documenting the roll out into the Halloween season now. I saw this commercial tonight, which has been airing (depending on who you ask, apparently) since either 2010 or 2011. Do regular non-seasonal Kit Kat commercials even use this music variation anymore? Who cares, it's Halloween! I kind of like it when brands do one Halloween-themed commercial and then just keep running it for years. It takes on the sheen of a tradition, making you nostalgic for other Halloween memories from slightly earlier seasons. I think my Halloween season probably wouldn't be complete without a few repeats. I almost feel like when I first see the Party City "Thriller" commercial, it'll really be Halloween.

UPDATE 9/16: Taking my first walk this morning, I noticed that my downstairs neighbor has decorative police tape over his or her front door. The tape is black and says "Zombie Crossing" and has an outline of a zombie. For me personally, it's too early for Halloween decorations, but I love that people are already in the spirit.

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