Friday, September 19, 2014

Gotta Get My Laughs Somewhere

I've been playing this game on Facebook called Tasty Treats. It's one of the many "match three of something" games out there, but I play a number of them just to pass the time when I'm feeling especially anxious. Giving me something to focus on helps combat that, so I just throw them on.

Tasty Treats has a storybook/fairy tale theme. You're in an enchanted forest making food for fairy tale customers, like Snow White or the Big Bad Wolf, etc etc. And I guess you work for this kindly old woman? This woman cracks me up. Every time I don't complete a level, she comes up and she's all sweet, like, "Oh, just buy 5 more movies, dearie, and we'll complete this together."

I always decline. These games always start you off with the fake in-game cash and then encourage you to use it constantly so that you'll get frustrated and buy more. I don't really use it, and I am definitely not going to buy something just to win at a game I'm playing for free on Facebook.

So I decline, and then she gets all angry at me.

"Well, level failed, then!"

Gee, sorry, Professor Umbridge.

For some reason, seeing her, the manifestation of the game, get all pissy that I didn't choose to spend real world money to match up hunks of cheese together makes me laugh every time.


Roger Owen Green said...

That is really obnoxious!
Glad you take it with good humor.

JP said...

I think it's awesome that you're basically trolling the game!