Sunday, September 21, 2014

Becca's TV Shout-Out

This piece was one of Becca's big sellers at the C2E2 and WizardWorld Chicago conventions this year. Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, was at WizardWorld last month, and apparently people were buying this from Becca and asking Ms. Peterson to sign it! Elvira is basically Becca's hero, and the reason she got so into glam and horror and pin-ups when she was a kid. Elvira's show basically shaped Becca's sense of humor and her sense of what was sexy; without Elvira, there might never have been Becca's Bombshells.

One of the things Becca does for each convention is draw someone who is going to be there, and asks them to sign it. For example, Jaime Murray very sweetly signed a drawing Becca did of Stauma Tarr, the character she plays on Defiance. (Ms. Murray even put the picture up on her Twitter!) She has a picture of Ahsoka Tano that Ashley Eckstein signed for her. This is a cool thing she does when she goes to cons. She was intimidated to try and meet her hero, but she did it. Apparently, Ms. Peterson had been seeing the picture all weekend and asked if she could have one!

But that wasn't the end of the story for this piece. See the guy in the top hat? That's Svengoolie, our local horror host out of Chicago, played ably for many years by Rich Koz. You can see him nationwide now on Saturday nights if you get MeTV.

Becca and I both have memories of watching his show when we were kids. He's a Chicago institution, right up there with Bozo the Clown and Harry Caray. And apparently someone alerted him to this piece of art, and something like the day after WizardWorld, Mr. Koz sent an email to Becca and asked for a copy of the picture to show on an episode of Son of Svengoolie!

And that happened last night; during the fan mail segment of his showing of the 1941 flick The Black Cat, he showed the picture. She even got a quip out of his sidekick, Kerwyn (a puppet chicken). It was a surreal moment, watching Svengoolie, who I've watched since I was a kid, say my wife's name and show her artwork and say nice things about it. I can't stress enough how cool it was, or how proud I am of her.

And he said her name right! I don't know, I was anxious about that. Whitaker seems easy to me, but I did listen to Roger Whittaker as a kid. It's Whitaker, like Forest Whitaker, but you'd be surprised how many people I've heard say it like it's pronounced "white acre." (I guess they see "taker" and go with that.)

Becca's art on Son of Svengoolie. Too cool.

Now, every time my wife starts to get down on her artwork, I can tell her, damn it, Svengoolie likes it, and so do Elvira, Jaime Murray, Ashley Eckstein, Pandora Boxx and Bruce Campbell, to name only a few.


Some Guy said...

Super cool!

Tallulah Morehead said...

By an enormous coincidence, I'm watching last night's Svengoolie right now, was in the midst of it when I hit this blog posting. Haven't gotten to the viewer mail segment yet.

Horror hosts are dear to me. Here in Los Angeles, I grew up on Vampira, Jeepers Creepers, Ghoulita, and best of all, Sinister Seymour, the greatest of them all. Eventually I got a job writing Seymour's TV show. My very first TV writing credit was for Seymour. More recently, for a book titled Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well: The Horror Hosts of Southern California, I wrote the forward and a 20-page essay on my years with Seymour for the chapter on him, plus one of my scripts for the show was included in full. There is, of course, a chapter on Elvira.

Because I was in "The Horror Host Industry," so to speak, and because Elvira did her original show on the same stage we did Seymour's show, I've been slightly acquainted with the beautiful Cassandra Peterson (Who looks so much better out of that black wig, with her actual, strawberry-blonde hair) since 1980, and even attended one of her show tapings. She is a charming and delightful lady, whom I like very much.

Congrats on your wife's Svengoolie appearance-art plug. I look forward to seeing it in about 40 minutes.

Tallulah Morehead said...

One itsy-bitsy little correction. The movie Svengoolie ran last night was not the 1934 The Black Cat, with Bela Lugosi in a major role opposite Boris Karloff, as you said in the posting. It was the 1941 The Black Cat with Bela Lugosi in a miniscule role and no Karloff at all. The "In-joke" about Rathbone, "Thinks he's Sherlock Holmes," would hardly have meant anything in 1934, since he didn't play Holmes for the first time until 1939. That the two films have the same title, both feature Lugosi, and both claim to be based on Poe's story, with both of them lying about that, they can easily be confused, just as the 1933 The Raven with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi can get confused with the 1963 The Raven with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Peter Lorre.

The segment with Becca's art, which I've seen now, was very nice. Congratulations again.

Splotchy said...

Pretty gosh-darned wonderful.

Jason said...

That is truly awesome! My congratulations to Becca... I met Cassandra Peterson this past April and thought she was a real sweetheart, so I'm glad Becca wasn't disappointed... and the Svengoolie thing is too cool! We get his show here in Salt Lake and I enjoy watching him, but I don't catch him regularly... maybe I'll see the segment with her artwork in reruns.

Sam G said...

That is so damn awesome! Congrats!