Sunday, August 10, 2014

Song of the Week: "No Control"

Songs for Becca #19. When David Bowie's Outside was released in 1995, Becca and I had been dating for just under a year. I bought it the same day we drove up to Gurnee Mills, the gigantic mall, and Becca and I both discovered that I had an incredible fear of being driven in unfamiliar places. That was a tense day, but also a good one, because we were together and we were listening to Bowie's first new album in a few years. We both loved it; in fact, it was the last time Becca loved a new Bowie album. That night, we went to the theater to see Strange Days, a movie I still love but which was such a flop that it was out of theaters by the next weekend.

This is Becca's favorite song on Outside, and the song that always reminds me of that day when I just sort of fell apart and, not for the last time, Becca helped put me back together.

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