Saturday, August 16, 2014

#1 Songs on My Birthday: 1997-2006

The third installment of this series: am I happy with the song that was #1 on my birthday, or is one of the adjacent tunes more my style?

5/24/97 Hanson "MMMbop"
6/14/97 Puff Daddy & Faith Evans featuring 112 "I'll Be Missing You"
8/30/97 The Notorious BIG featuring Puff Daddy & Mase "Mo Money, Mo Problems"

I don't know, it always seems kind of ghoulish to me. Like more of a business decision than a tribute. I remember that it led to a lot of DJs playing "Every Breath You Take," as though they'd ever stopped... I hate the Hanson song; I mean, it's harmless, but it was everywhere to the point of nausea. So was the Puff Daddy song. I much prefer "Mo Money, Mo Problems."

5/23/98 Mariah Carey "My All"
6/6/98 Brandy & Monica "The Boy Is Mine"
9/5/98 Aerosmith "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"

Was it really necessary for this to be the number one song through the entire summer? It's barely a song. This is the kind of nasal-breathy ooh-ooh drum machine with buried vocals warbled under it that I got so damn tired of hearing over and over again at this point in history. This is just not for me. Boring, emotionless pap. Frankly, I don't like any of these songs.

6/12/99 Jennifer Lopez "My Love Don't Cost a Thing"
7/17/99 Destiny's Child "Bills, Bills, Bills"
7/24/99 Will Smith featuring Dru Hill & Kool Mo Dee "Wild Wild West"

I like some Destiny's Child songs, but this isn't really one of them. Boring, boring, boring. I never really got the point of Jennifer Lopez' singing career; middle-of-the-road music for a middle-of-the-road time, though I, uh, loved watching the music videos. I guess I'd pick the Will Smith song from this trio, if only because it liberally samples Stevie Wonder's "I Wish," which is a great song. I remember Wonder being in the music video. The movie it accompanies, though, was one of the times I was most disappointed by a movie in the cinema. You know that feeling where you're excited about something, and then you realize it's bad, and then you realize it's not going to get any better, so you spend the rest of the time just squirming and hating it but still not leaving, I guess, just in case? Yeah, that's Wild Wild West. And only a year after I had powerfully felt the same way during The Avengers and Godzilla...

6/24/00 Enrique Iglesias "Be With You"
7/15/00 Vertical Horizon "Everything You Want"
7/22/00 matchbox twenty "Bent"

This song sounds familiar. Like it was in the background of something, a TV show or something. It's okay. Okay in the background. Don't know the other two at all.

6/2/01 Christina Aguilera, Li'Kim, Mya & Pink "Lady Marmelade"
7/7/01 Usher "U Remind Me"
8/4/01 Destiny's Child "Bootylicious"

Aw, now, see, that's a Destiny's Child song that I really dig, though admittedly that's in large part because of Stevie Nicks (who is in the video). And "Lady Marmelade" is the only thing that came out of Moulin Rouge that I like at all, and I actually love that song. That's probably my favorite pop song of 2001. But I just miss either song for an Usher song that I don't remember at all. It's okay.

4/20/02 Ashanti "Foolish"
6/29/02 Nelly "Hot in Herre"
8/17/02 Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland "Dilemma"

Wow, America really loved Nelly in 2002. "Hot in Herre" was number one for a month and a half, and "Dilemma" was number one for another two months. I like both, so I'm fine with this. Weird Al did an okay parody of it. I don't remember the Ashanti song at all. I remember her and her videos, but I can't recall any of the songs. Was this the video with the elephant in it? Because I liked that video.

6/28/03 Clay Aiken "This Is the Night"
7/12/03 Beyonce featuring Jay-Z "Crazy in Love"
9/6/03 Nelly, P. Diddy & Murphy Lee "Shake Ya Tailfeather"

I love this song. I love this album, actually. I remember the first time I saw the video it was kind of exciting, especially compared to a lot of what I was seeing. I just got so into the music. Still like, it, too. I never liked anything Beyonce did as much as I liked this song the first time I heard it, and the album the first time I listened to it. I don't know the Clay Aiken song. I remember not liking the other one (it was from a movie... Bad Boys 2?), but I can't remember what it sounds like now.

5/22/04 Usher "Burn"
7/10/04 Fantasia "I Believe"
7/24/04 Usher "Confessions Part II"

I couldn't recall this song from memory. Hearing it now, eh. They write something sappy like this for every American Idol winner to sell. It's manufactured for sales, and it shows. That was the third season of American Idol, which I stopped watching after my favorite, Jennifer Hudson, was voted off. I've never liked Fantasia Barrino. It's funny, I stopped watching American Idol years ago, and now I remember almost no one from that show, but I remember being so incensed that Jennifer Hudson was voted off that I just stopped watching that season. I see Fantasia was a brief interlude in America's love affair with Usher. I remember his album being pretty big, but I honestly don't remember how either of those songs sound.

6/4/05 Mariah Carey "We Belong Together"
7/2/05 Carrie Underwood "Inside Your Heaven"
9/17/05 Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx "Gold Digger"

Ugh, American Idol strikes again, with more pap delivered through someone overrated. This time it's bookended by two songs that I actually like. I love "Gold Digger." The Mariah Carey song is one of the few songs by her I like, but I remember perving on the video for sure. Her videos got so cheesecakey. I don't remember if I've ever heard this Carrie Underwood song--I'm sure I must have--but listening to it now makes me want to go into a coma.

6/31/06 Taylor Hicks "Do I Make You Proud"
7/8/06 Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland "Promiscuous"
8/19/06 Fergie "London Bridge"

Yay, I get to end this installment on a positive note, narrowly avoiding more American Idol crap (though at least this particular piece of "good enough" garbage yielded a hilarious Weird Al song) and narrowly avoiding listening to that dopey Fergie song. I dig the hell out of "Promiscuous." That Nelly Furtado album was a blockbuster, and it totally delivered. That was probably my favorite album that year.

Glad to end with that one.

Next week, we limp to a conclusion. God, I hope I don't have any more American Idol songs...


Roger Owen Green said...

I think it was Taylor Hicks' win that got me off American Idol.

But after season 1 (I saw only the last three shows), they start to blur in my mind. Still, I was ticked that J. Hudson left (she was only 7TH that year, I see), and I think an Oscar is sweet revenge.

Roger Owen Green said...
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Kelly Sedinger said...

I'll admit it: I LIKED TAYLOR HICKS. There, I said it.

I finally gave up after the insipid, boring Lee DeWyze beat Crystal Bowersox. I loved her (which reminds me, I need to listen to some of her work). But I suspect you're not done with IDOL, as your birthday seems to coincide with the release of that show-winner's first single each year.

I have a version of this post in progress, although I won't be doing the bracketing songs. I've discovered that after a certain year, I haven't heard of ANYBODY.

Roger Owen Green said...

I've actually written all of mine, but won't post for a while. What I noticed twas that in the early 2000s, i knew next to no one, but I've hit a return about 2012, when I actually knew all three songs.