Sunday, July 20, 2014

Song of the Week: "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls"

No one is ready for the sex girls.

I've always liked this silly, bouncy New Wave single. I first heard when I was a kid and saw Revenge of the Nerds, but I didn't encounter it again until just after high school when Rhino put out its Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80s. New Wave is the music I was sort of born into, especially the earlier sound that's still punky. But what I think of as punk, anyway; stuff like the Dictators that was funny and snotty and Mad type stuff. New Wave and Post-Punk are probably the sounds that defined my childhood and set the bar for all the other music I would ever like. (Well, let's be honest: those and any Muppet music. Boy, modern me makes a lot of sense when you consider the kind of music I loved as a kid...)

Anyway, I always thought this song was glorious in its silliness and its ridiculous lyrics. It's not surprising to find out that these two guys--Leslie Bohem and David Kendrick--were also members of Sparks, who had a very similar sound at the time (a period which produced two of my all time favorite Sparks songs, "Monster of Love" and "Tips for Teens"). Kendrick was later in Devo, too. I love how connected all of this stuff is.

But let's go even further with the connections I like to find. Leslie Bohem became a screenwriter. He's the guy who created the Steven Spielberg miniseries Taken, which is not only one of my favorite things of the last 15 years, it also reframed my childhood fascination with UFOs and introduced me to one of my favorite actresses, Dakota Fanning (who later went on to play one of my favorite people ever, Cherie Currie). He's also currently a writer on Extant, which I've been really digging (as you could probably tell from this week's Sunday Hottie).

Other than puppeteer/matte painter/model builder/creature designer/special fx guy, the other job I really dreamed of as a kid was astronaut. It was never going to happen; I was a terrified kid, and I never kept in shape, and I'm terrible at science. But the wonder's still there for me, and I'm still so into outer space, since before I can remember.

So I watch this week's great second episode of Extant, and what do I see? An astronaut on a space station listening to "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls." An episode written by Leslie Bohem.

I love life sometimes.

Here's the hilariously ironic video for a song I just love to death in its transcendent hilarity. The goat noises always make me laugh. The video is just the right kind of mocking. (And hey, their meringue didn't hold, either. I made two pies in the last two weeks that just collapsed. This is the right video for the right song at the right time.)

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