Thursday, June 05, 2014

I Miss Roger Ebert

This trailer for the upcoming documentary Life Itself makes me miss him a little more. Can't wait to see the movie.


Nik said...

I just saw this last week at a local film festival. Excellent movie, it really covers all the facets of his life - and man, the courage and spirit he showed in his final years with his disabilities (which the film doesn't flinch from) humble me. The director was at the screening for a Q&A afterward too which was an extra bonus.

Roger Owen Green said...

I Loved Roger Ebert. Read his book, LOVED his book.

JA said...

I bought tickets the other day to see this in Queens in a couple of weeks (Chaz will be there!) and as soon as I hit "Purchase" I kind of regretted it because I realized that I AM GOING TO CRY SO HARD that I'll probably humiliate myself in front of a crowd.