Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Recently, my Dad posted some pictures of his Dad that I'd never seen before. I don't know a lot about my Grandpa Davis' life, especially his life before marrying Grandma, so it was pretty neat to see these.

 This is my Grandpa, John R. "Shorty" Davis (he was even listed in the phone book that way), in his high school graduation photo. According to my Dad, it's 1932 or 1933. I've never, ever seen a picture of Shorty so young.

Here he is again at 21, looking like a movie star. He looks so much like my Dad, especially with those ears! Handsome chap, my Grandpa.

Here's Shorty in Saipan during World War II. Mind you, I had no idea he'd served in World War II until after he died in 1995. I think there were a few people who didn't know. My Dad makes that same face.

And finally, there's Shorty on his wedding day, marrying my Grandma.

Here's a photo of my Dad that I recently unearthed.

I've been going through old pictures for a while, and came across this one from 1987. I think my Dad still has that guitar... I still have that painting. It's been a trip finding all of these old memories.

Happy Father's Day, fathers.


Kal said...

Shorty wore the hell out of the pinstripe on his wedding day. Women go crazy for a sharp dressed man.

Roger Owen Green said...

Interesting. Guys in Shorty's generation just didn't talk about the WAR, or not until they get into their 80s and 90s.