Saturday, May 10, 2014

TV Report, Cancellations, Etc.

Well, this is a first. So far it looks like none of the shows I actually watch and enjoy are getting canceled. Maybe. I think. The fates of Parenthood and Nashville are up in the air, but, honestly, if Nashville got canceled, I wouldn't miss it. I liked it when it was a fun, silly soap opera with good music and the occasional, surprising emotional sincerity. The last third of this season has been so histrionic, all over the place, and desperate to go as over the top as possible that it wouldn't surprise me if next week's season finale involved Richard Mulligan getting abducted by aliens.

So, just renew Parenthood, NBC, and we'll be fine.

(And, honestly, even if Parenthood doesn't get renewed, it had a nice finale and I guess I'd be okay with it, particularly after last season's uneven quality. Maybe it should really be a 13-episodes-a-season show. It seemed more focused that way.)

UPDATE 1:08 PM: Nashville was just renewed for 22-episode third season. I'd rather have Parenthood, but this is nice. Still... your move, NBC.

:: One site listed Cosmos as "unlikely to be renewed." Was there a possibility of that happening? I thought it was supposed to be a limited series. Granted, my only disappointment with Cosmos is that it's not going to be one 55 episode season, but still, I thought it was just a one-shot deal, like the original, which is why I thought "unlikely to be renewed" was kind of amusing.

:: Speaking of stuff involving Seth McFarlane, have you seen the commercials for his new movie A Million Ways to Die in the West? Is the entire movie just going to be Seth McFarlane having broad, unfunny reaction shots to other things happening? That seems lazy even for him. Right now, it looks like Cuba Gooding Jr mugging his way through Lightning Jack. I guess you'll have to let me know, internet, since I don't plan on actually watching it ever.

:: I saw the pilot of NBC's Believe and I'm kind of amazed it made it to a second episode.

:: I feel a little bad for the people lamenting the cancellation of Almost Human. Why do science fiction fans keep going back to Fox and then reacting with surprise when genre shows are cancelled after a season or two? It's why I don't watch anything on Fox anymore. (Except Gordon Ramsey shows, which will run forever, because they're presumably cheap and easy to make. Hell's Kitchen... let's just say it's been on for a couple of months and I still can't remember to DVR it. Oh, and speaking of Hell's Kitchen, a recent episode featured an appearance in the dining room--a reaction interview to the food, really--by one of the contestants of last year's MasterChef Junior. I was surprised she wasn't identified as such; she's one of the only ones I remember, because they used her "Whip like a man!" moment on the promos so heavily. Did that show make so little impact that Hell's Kitchen couldn't bother to point it out?)

:: I'm glad to see Parks and Recreation got renewed for another final season. You watch, this is the year people will finally stop saying this is likely to be it's final season, and then it really will be.

:: Network TV also left me with Modern Family, Hannibal, Bob's Burgers, 2 Broke Girls, and two shows I watch pretty half-heartedly, Mom (still can't decide if I like it or just recognize aspects of it) and The Big Bang Theory, which, let's not get into it. Wow... is that really it for me and network TV? Huh.

And of course Agents of SHIELD. Boy, it's nice to see Bill Paxton in an enjoyable show after Big Love turned him into so much of an annoying weenie that I wasn't sure I ever wanted to see him in anything again. I'm also thrilled that Agent Carter got picked up. The important question here: how much is Dum-Dum Dugan going to be involved in it? Hm, and can they use any Invaders characters? Wouldn't mind seeing the original Human Torch on an episode. Can they use Betty Dean, or are those part of the Sub-Mariner rights over at Universal or wherever?

:: Have you seen the promos for Crossbones, the show about Blackbeard starring John Malkovich? Is the first episode going to be all about how he doesn't have a black beard? Or about how Blackbeard probably didn't make it to 40 before he was killed, and Malkovich is way too old for the role? Are we addressing that? Is it too early to start mockingly calling him Lackbeard without having seen one episode that might explain this premise? Will I watch it at all, since it's about pirates and from Luther creator Neil Cross? Stay tuned. Or don't. I have no idea yet.

:: Enjoying Bad Teacher. Judge me all you want.

EDIT 5/11: Cancelled. Not surprising. But I do get to lust after Ryan Hansen for a few more weeks.

:: None of the new network pick-ups sound especially interesting to me yet, except for the Casey Wilson sitcom because Casey Wilson, but it's so hard to tell from the always-terribly-written network write-ups. I'll wait until I start seeing some promos in the late summer.

Not much else to say, so... here's a picture of an elephant holding a flower.

And also a reminder that you can Ask Me Anything. The first answer post will come next Saturday.

Peace, love and Vanessa Hudgens.


Roger Owen Green said...

ONE more season of PARENTHOOD.

SamuraiFrog said...

Oh, good. That was down to the wire!