Monday, May 19, 2014

Answers, Part II

Time for some more answers!

This one seemed appropriate for today: someone who asks to remain anonymous asks simply: Why did you decide to keep doing Kristen Bell Mondays? I seem to remember a post some time where you declared you wouldn't be doing it anymore. Did you just change your mind?

The answer is pretty simple: I'm a petty jerk. I really have no idea if anyone likes any of the things I like, but I sometimes announce changes to the website just because they're changes. (I used to have a lot more readers, so I'm just in the habit of saying why I'm going to stop or start doing things.) I can't remember exactly when I made that declaration, but it was during a time when Kristen Bell didn't seem to have much going on and I wasn't seeing any new pictures and I just sort of decided, eh, well, I'll stop making it a regular thing.

Now, I didn't expect anyone to message me and say "No, please! Don't stop doing it!" I didn't really expect anyone to care. But instead I had two people tell me they were glad I was discontinuing it. One of them said something like they didn't care (obviously, since they decided to spend the time to mention it), it was just one less thing they'd have to scroll past with disinterest. The other said they were just sick of it and thank goodness I was ending it.

So, you know, I decided then and there to keep doing it when I had something to post, because fuck that attitude. That just seemed so small to me. Hey, if you want to ignore something I post, be my guest. That's up to you. But to take the time to email me and say "I hated that thing you did and I'm glad my nightmare is over now"? Well, I guess it's time to put Kristen Bell on my header and you can just fucking live with it, because I don't care how long you've been reading this blog, this blog is for me before it's for anyone else.

Is that a shitty attitude? Screw it, I'll live with myself. I don't do it just to piss anyone off. Well, not for this long, anyway. If I didn't love Kristen Bell, I wouldn't still be doing it years later. And I do love her. It's nice, because with Frozen and the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, she seems to have been everywhere for the last year with no signs of slowing down. Makes me happy as hell in my Marshmallow heart.

So, yeah, it's basically for three reasons. One, I love KB. Two, there are a lot more pictures of her these days. And three, because fuck people who think they can make you feel bad about the things you love.

Speaking of Kristen, Yasmin asks: Have you read the VM novel? What did you think? (I listened to it because Kristen Bell narrated it, which was really great)

I haven't yet. I was a little disappointed to find out that Veronica doesn't narrate the book. I don't know why, it just seems off, since the series and the movie had so much of her narration. I did find out Kristen does the audio book, and I very much want to listen to it. I can listen to it on Audible if I do a free trial; you can get two free books with the trial, and I'm thinking of waiting until the second book comes out, too, and then doing them both. I feel like a little bit of a weasel waiting to get them for free, but it's what I can afford, you know?

Sam G asks: Have you seen "Orphan Black"?

I gave it a try, but after three or four episodes, I just wasn't feeling it. I couldn't get into it.

Nik also has a TV-related question: You can revive ONE classic TV show for one episode.. What and why?

The Muppet Show. Actually, I could write a whole post describing a dream season of a revived Muppet Show. But if I just did one episode... Do you remember that fantastic episode of The Muppet Show were Mark Hamill was the guest but also played an exaggerated version of his "cousin" Luke Skywalker? And then there were appearances by See Threepio, Artoo Detoo and Chewbacca? I would love to do that, but with the cast of The Avengers. In character, out of character, what have you; maybe the joke is that the Muppets want the Avengers to be real and the actors keep having to convince them that it's only a movie--I think that would be sublimely silly and weirdly wonderful. You probably couldn't do the Hulk, but that could be part of the joke: imagine Scooter turning into a Muppet version of the Hulk. Or Bunsen trying to make his own Iron Man suit. I just like to think it would make a very funny special episode, and it would be pretty easy to do, since Disney owns both Marvel and the Muppets. Then after the credits Samuel L. Jackson shows up as Nick Fury and tries to recruit Lew Zealand into the Avengers.

I'm getting excited thinking about something that won't happen. Ah, well, that's what daydreams are for.

More to come!

Yours in Kristen Bell,


The Flying Dachshund said...

I, for one, enjoy Kristen Bell Mondays.... So bravo!! :^D (and thank you jerks that thanked you for stopping as it kept you going!!)

Roger Owen Green said...

Wouldn't be Frog sans Kristen.