Sunday, April 13, 2014

Song of the Week: "Crazy Eyes"

Songs for Becca #9.

Some people are surprised to find out that I sort of love Hall & Oates. I know, I know, they're supposed to be cheesy and feathered hair and all that. But I love them. I get caught up in their whole rock 'n' soul style. If you ever want to make me instantaneously happy, just throw on "Kiss on My List." It thrills me all over. But, you know, I don't mention it much because people just kind of have that "What the fuck are you talking about?" reaction.

Anyway, I play these guys a bit, and Becca doesn't care for their sound at all. I don't want to make some blanket assumption that she's not into soul music, but she doesn't really love a lot of the soul or R&B music that I have a tendency to play (unless it's from the 60s, because she likes a lot of that Atlantic sound). So, one day I'm playing this song, and Becca just suddenly asks: "What is this song?"

Me: "Why, do you dig it?"

Becca: "Yeah, it's really good. Who's that singing?"

Me: "John Oates."

Becca: "... what?"

Me: "This is Hall & Oates, it's just John Oates singing the lead."

Becca: "Wait, so... I like Oates??!"

I cackled about that for a good 20 seconds.

So, Songs for Becca #9: "Crazy Eyes," with Oates singing the lead, from their 1976 album Bigger Than Both of Us. (It actually follows "Rich Girl.")

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Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVE Kiss on My List, You Make My Dreams Come True, Private Eyes. But I like the occasional Oates song too. I OWN that album on vinyl...