Monday, April 07, 2014

John Pinette 1964-2014

I was really sad to hear that comedian John Pinette died over the weekend. Back in those high school days of being withdrawn and spending most of my time indoors, I used to love the stand-up comedy shows on VH1 and other channels. I used to see a lot of guys on those shows that I still see: Henry Cho, Jeff Dunham, Ray Romano... John Pinette was one of those guys. I always thought he was pretty remarkable. Like me, he had a weight problem. I let the bullying and ridicule turn me into a victim. I lived in fear of getting picked on. This guy, he turned it into laughter. And I dug that about him. He laughed at himself before anyone else could, and I totally got it. His album Show Me the Buffet is one of my favorite comedy albums. Last time I saw him, on the WGN news, he had lost 200 pounds, and that was pretty inspiring. So, so sorry to see he died.

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Michael said...

Nice tribute to the big guy!
I saw him live on many occasions and always came away smiling.
I'm not sure if you do Facebook but I'm doing a week long thing for him.

or this

Keep up the great work!