Monday, April 21, 2014

80s Kid Problems

ME: *singing "Zou Bisou Bisou"*

BECCA: Now all I can think of is Ben Vereen and that big frog and... what was the other one? A hippo?

ME: What?

BECCA: Zoobilee Zoo.

ME: That's not Zoobilee Zoo. With the guy in the big frog suit, and the hippo and the owl?

BECCA: Well, what is that? That's not Zoobilee Zoo?

ME: No, that's New Zoo Revue.

BECCA: Wait, was Zoobilee Zoo the one where the animals were all jumbled up and they were, like, two animals in one animal?

ME: That's The Wuzzles.

BECCA: Then what the hell was Zoobilee Zoo?

ME: Zoobilee Zoo was the one with Ben Vereen and other actors in animal make-up.

BECCA: Oh. So I got Ben Vereen right, though. Jeez, sorry I'm not up on zoo-related children's programming, Aaron. If you want that, you married the wrong woman.

ME: I feel like we should talk about the difference between the Shirt Tales and the Get-Along Gang.

BECCA: Sadly, I do know those.

ME: The way in which they're the same is that they both blow.

BECCA: But not as bad as those Chichimons.

ME: Monchichis.


ME: What did this have to do with French pop music?


Roger Owen Green said...

And I have NO idea about ANY of them, but have Zombie Zoo by Tom Petty stuck in my head!

Mark Miller said...

I have the New Zoo Revue song stuck in my head.