Sunday, March 09, 2014

Song of the Week: "Welcome to the Cheap Seats"

Songs for Becca #5. I remember seeing this video on MTV out of nowhere in 1991. I think it might have been one of the admittedly rare times I had 120 Minutes on. I saw it a few more times, but I never really caught the name of the song or the band, and though I loved the song immediately--I just hadn't heard much accordion in indie rock before--I would remember it only occasionally.

Cut ahead to the last few weeks of 1994, and I've met Becca and started a relationship with her. I've said before that the reason I was attracted to Becca was that she and I already liked so many of the same things. Things that I didn't think girls were even into. Those are the stereotypes I grew up with: girls didn't like Star Trek or X-Men or Star Wars or Muppets or any of that stuff. Those were boy things, and you had to outgrow them or else girls wouldn't like you. That's what I was always led to believe, and so I'd internalized it. But Becca liked all of those things and more. Things other women had forced me to leave behind because we were adults now, you know. (I'd been 18 for five months at this point, btw.)

You all remember how much of an outcast I felt when, at 10 years old, everyone started teasing me for still being into cartoons and action figures. So it was amazing when this beautiful, sophisticated person who dressed like a real adult (I seriously thought she was 30 when I met her, just because of the way she dressed, did her makeup, and carried herself) not only liked these things but wanted to spend time with me.

The moment I knew I wanted to be with her was before we had even started dating, when she brought up The Last Unicorn--a movie I had loved since I first saw it in the theater when I was 6. In those pre-internet times, I had no idea anyone else even liked that movie. I wasn't sure that anyone else had ever even seen it. No one had ever heard of it when I brought it up. And now here was someone who loved it as much as I did! That's how friendships used to form before the internet: you loved the same obscure things and weren't pretentious assholes about it.

Anyway, she had this song on a cassette single, and she put it on that first mix tape she made me. It all came flooding back; that song you hear a couple of times and just disappears, but you never forget it. And she had it and brought it back to me.

So here it is. (Trivia about this song: Kirsty MacColl sings backup. Further trivia: I cannot listen to this song loud enough or enough times in a row.)


Roger Owen Green said...

DAMN, I love this story!

Nathan said...

You and Becca are adorable. And the whole thing about having to give up childhood interests to get a girl really pisses me off.

SamuraiFrog said...

Before I was with Becca, I was with a girl who really hated a lot of that stuff and so I, dazzled by regular sex and my first "serious" relationship, just put it all aside. That girl was the one who hid her Stephen King novels in a drawer because "I don't want people to look at my bookshelf and think I can't read."