Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Also, the Muppets Are Advertising Lipton Tea

The Muppets are still out in force to promote their new movie, Muppets Most Wanted (16 days left!), and in addition to talk show appearances, now they've got some great ads for Lipton.

This one, with a New York City full of Animals, is magnificent.

And here's one with just Kermit, strumming the banjo and singing a cute, old timey style song.

And heck, here's a link to the page on Tough Pigs that features a lot of short, 10-second spots for Lipton featuring the Muppets, many of which were specific to getting ready for the Oscars. I didn't watch the ceremony, but clearly the best dressed was Miss Piggy in her Vivienne Westwood creation.

Two weeks... I am on pins and needles the way I haven't been for a movie since--what else?--The Muppets.

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