Wednesday, February 26, 2014

G Is for Ghostbusters 3

Despite Harold Ramis dying earlier this week, Ivan Reitman is trying to forge ahead with the long-discussed, totally unnecessary third Ghostbusters film.

I talked about this in a couple of posts back in 2010, and my feelings haven't much changed. Back then we were all talking about how Bill Murray didn't want to do it, and how he seemed to feel (probably correctly) that the fans would paint him as the bad guy for not wanting to make another one. (That led to MC's great comment that "Bill Murray doesn't owe me, you or anyone a thing.") There was some talk then of Venkman dying in the first reel and then coming back as a ghost, which was a clever idea.

But let's say Bill Murray still doesn't want to do it. I'm not enthusiastic about the idea of a Ghostbusters movie without Murray, but I just plain don't want to see one without Harold Ramis. Yes, Dan Aykroyd is the creator, but so much of it was refined and shaped through Ramis' humor. And doing a Ghostbusters movie without Egon... why?

(Someone brought up the idea of using Egon's ghost instead of Venkman, which would have been a clever idea if Ramis were still alive to do the voice. Apparently, he'd been sick since 2010, so it probably would've been an ideal solution. The people bringing up this idea now don't seem to realize that doing it now would be in incredibly poor taste.)

Ernie Hudson had this to say: "There can't be another Ghostbusters without Harold. There could be another ghost something but there won't be. That was always my fear. That something would happen before we all got together."

Sounds like Hudson doesn't want to do it, either.

Now, I guess they could do something with a next generation type of thing. I know a lot of people don't want to see that, but I've never hated the idea, because it would basically be a live action version of the old Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon. I actually don't have a problem with watching Jay Baruchel or Jason Segel or Chelsea Peretti or whomever running around as Ghostbusters. You put Aykroyd in the mentor role and you pass the baton and make your own movie.

Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg are apparently still involved, but how many drafts of this script can you honestly write without writing it to death? And why those two? Apparently the failure of their Year One (which Ramis directed) is part of what torpedoed this project five years ago. I kind of agreed with my wife when she said this morning "If Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg aren't writing it, who cares?"

Look, you can't recapture the magic that made Ghostbusters one of the greatest movies ever made. I think Ghostbusters II proved that. And with Ramis' passing, I think it's time for Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman and Sony Pictures to just let this one go. At least Aykroyd hasn't said anything, and Hudson only did because he was accosted by TMZ. Talking about this now, as the Hollywood Reporter did, is pretty insensitive. Just let it go.

Frankly, you kind of lost me back when everybody was going nuts about "You can't make Ghostbusters without Bill Murray!" and "You can't make Ghostbusters without Rick Moranis!" and I wondered "Why isn't anyone saying that you can't make Ghostbusters without Sigourney Weaver?"

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Nik said...

I wish Aykroyd would just DROP the idea of doing this movie, or yet another pointless and awful '80s reboot. I can't pretend not to be outraged a bit over all these stupid '80s remakes lately but I don't have to watch them, either.

Roger Owen Green said...

OK, Ill say it. Who wants a Ghostbusters without Sigourney Weaver? I saw GB2, didn't love it, like I did the first one.
You are right, though; one could pass the torch, and it'd be Gostbusters: The Next Generation (or something.)

ROG, ABC Wednesday

Leslie: said...

You just can't keep repeating repeating gets old after a while.

abcw team

uberrhund said...

Great and fitting post for letter "G" this week.
I don't want another reboot of Ghostbuster's at all, too much time has passed and now without Ramis it just should not happen at all.