Sunday, January 19, 2014

Song of the Week: "Into My Arms"

Songs for Becca #1. This coming December 20 is going to be mine and Becca's 20th anniversary together. I never thought I'd be doing anything for 20 years, much less spending it in a happy and stable relationship with the love of my life. So, on and off this year, I'm going to use Song of the Week (now in its seventh year!) to post songs that make me think of her, that are meaningful to us, or that are simply her favorites.

This song, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, comes off one of Becca's all time favorite albums, 1997's exquisite The Boatman's Call. Cave himself doesn't care for this video, which I understand; it's a spare, somber work that conveys a sort of melancholy optimism, but the video's director seems to have taken the tone to be straightforward depression. The song is both a love ballad and a breakup song that ends somewhere in hope. I like that feeling.

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