Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Mindy Kaling's Elle Cover

So, Elle decided to go with four covers for its "Women in TV" issue, and these are the four covers they came up with. What a lot of people immediately seized on, of course, is that Mindy Kaling, as the only person of color, for some reason appears in black-and-white instead of in color.

I think that's an important point and it should be commented on.

What I've seen fewer people comment on--and what I think we should also keep in mind--is that Mindy Kaling is a curvy lady, the only one of the four who isn't skinny at all. And she's the only one who basically gets a close-up?

It's a beautiful picture of Mindy, who is a stunner, but give me a break. What does Elle have against curvy, colored women? And why put one on your cover if you're going to do everything you can to obscure her like that?

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Jez In Dallas said...

This was actually a topic on the evening news here night before last, and they specifically mentioned the fact that she was in close up when others were full body, they didn't mention the black and white issue at all (and that's a good point!)

Mindy Kaling, for what it's worth, said that she loves the photo, thinks that it's very glamourous, and if anyone wants to see more of her body they can go on 15 dates with her.

(as an aside, my captcha for this comment includes "uniformity", ha!)