Friday, January 24, 2014

Brief TV Report

:: I'm annoyed that it's going to be a month before I get a new episode of Parenthood so everyone can watch a bunch of adults play in the snow professionally. But you all know I don't give a shit about the Olympics, so why get into it again?

:: Dropped Trophy Wife, dropped Suburgatory, thisclose to dropping Pretty Little Liars if they don't stop spinning their wheels. Is there any way that show won't have a disappointing ending? Maybe I'll catch up with it when the whole season's online, or something.

:: This week's How I Met Your Mother was the first episode I genuinely liked all season.

:: This week's American Horror Story: Coven was the real season finale to me. They killed off literally all of my favorite characters from this season. Next week's finale, with the witches competing to see who the new Supreme is, is the one dangling plot thread I have absolutely no interest in, because all of those characters are annoying and terrible.

:: Sometimes I feel like there's nothing wrong with Nashville that just taking Hayden Panettiere off the show wouldn't fix.

:: Last night's The Greatest Event in Television History was my favorite so far, and I really hope all of this talk about being the last one ever is just talk, because I would gladly watch one of these every six months.

:: Has anyone else seen Space Dandy on Toonami? I really dug it. Reminded me of Heavy Metal. I don't really care much for anime, and this is the first one I've seen since Usagi Drop that I've really been enjoying.

That is all.

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Roger Owen Green said...

I'm so far behind on TV that I don't mind pre-emptions. STILL haven't watched the last Parenthood, or the last three episodes of The Daily Show. Monday, I'm taking off and will watch - WHAT? No The Good Wife because of the Grammys?