Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Christmas Tree 2013

I wanted to take some pictures of my new tree, but I just can't hold my hands steady enough today. (These pictures were taken by Becca the other day.) So I shot a shaky video, instead.

Enjoy my tree and such. Sorry about my voice, there's not much I can do there.


Oblio said...

Great tree! Here's a link to my wife's website that shows her holiday sculpture for this year, along with years past. I know you've seen a few before, but I TOTALLY LURVE this year's, for obvious reasons. Keep up the stellar work, Mr. Green!

SamuraiFrog said...

Wow, that is fantastic! My favorite detail is the branches coming up behind the figure. Just beautiful!

Oblio said...

TYVM!!! The original plan was to wrap Velvet in lights, and then hang a series of veterinary x-rays in front of her, cut to resemble a mod tree. Once we wrapped her we were all 'WHOA... that is beautiful', but when we tried out the x-rays, it muted the light and looked too dark and foreboding. We changed up, added more lights and my wife came up with the glittered tulle and branches idea.

The birds she fabbed from printed-out patterns are just brilliant, with the falcon spinning around and looking like he's really looping in for a birdie meal.

Thanks again for everything you write and post, because you are a benchmark for me. Have a Green Christmas!