Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, Everybody

It's been a bit of a low-key affair for me this year, possibly due to the shortened period between Thanksgiving and today. I try not to get caught up too much in the craziness of it all, and right now I'm sitting here alone, playing jazz music and drinking coffee, and when my wife gets home we'll watch this year's Doctor Who Christmas episode. And then we begin the process of watching the Blu-Rays my Dad got us for Christmas. I finally have the Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray... I'm hugely excited to get to the viewing.

But really, the most exciting things about this Christmas have been the birth of my first niece, disengaging from live television so we didn't have to watch any obnoxious Christmas commercials, a surprisingly great episode of SNL, and not being sick with bronchitis like last year. Jeez, that was rough. Oh, and getting approved for Medicaid. That's going to be a help. Now I'm just looking for a good day to go and see The Hobbit...

Merry all things to all people. Here's the rerun of this year's Christmas content.

:: Song of the Week: "Good King Wenceslas"
:: Xmas: Peanuts, 1966
:: Xmas: "Santa Baby"
:: Xmas: Tumblr Finds
:: The Bear and the Hare
:: Song of the Week: "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"
:: Xmas: Peanuts, 1967
:: We Got a Ton of Snow Last Night; This Is Me Today
:: Xmas: "It Feels Like Christmas"
:: Xmas: Tumblr Finds II
:: Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Beautiful
:: Song of the Week: "A Christmas Carol"
:: Xmas: Peanuts, 1968
:: My Christmas Tree 2013
:: Xmas: "Aspenglow"
:: Xmas: Tumblr Finds III
:: Song of the Week: "The Christmas Waltz"
:: Xmas: Christmas Is Coming
:: Xmas: Peanuts, 1969
:: Xmas: "Christmas Is All Around"
:: Some Post-Xmas Peanuts
:: and a whole bunch of Christmas stuff since 2005 that may or may not still be there!

Well, that's it for this Christmas. Be safe and happy, and thanks for being supportive and generally pretty froody. I'll have Film Week up tomorrow instead of today, and maybe the next Marvels on Friday, and then no 50 Shades post this weekend because I'm going to spend the last four days of the year putting up my useless year-end lists.

See you tomorrow! Ho ho etc.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Merry Xmas, Mr Frog!