Sunday, December 01, 2013

A Brief Thought on the Death of Paul Walker

Isn't it sad that when I first heard the news last night--that Fast and Furious star Paul Walker was killed in a tragic, fiery car crash--I wrote it off as a hoax? Paul Walker, the guy from the movie series about fast cars, dies in a fast car? Sure, pull the other one. I reacted cynically and assumed it was yet another of the internet's celebrity death hoaxes.

This is one of those times when I feel like the internet's true achievement is just turning human beings into more concentrated assholes than at any other time in history.

I think it's shameful that I went right there. Right to "Oh, yeah, right, whatever" instead of "His poor family." And his poor family! Thanksgiving weekend, a young guy like that, it can be hard to make sense of, and I feel so sympathetic to them.

But for a little while, I simply shrugged it off. A man's death, and I shrugged it off because I'm so used to people on the internet being jags about things as serious as people dying.

Maybe people were always this bad, but what an outlet the internet has provided for their casual cruelty directed at people they don't even know.


Yasmin said...

I believe we have stopped considering the other person when expressing an opinion or even having a thought.

Jason said...

I thought it was a hoax too because a guy known primarily for starring in movies featuring car racing and chases dying in a car wreck was just a bit too ironic.

From what I've read on Wikipedia, Walker was a good guy who genuinely cared about his fellow man.

Roger Owen Green said...

The obit on NBC noted his charitable work.
Never saw/cared about Fast & Furious, but I just learned he was in one of my favorite films, Pleasantville, early on.

Kal said...

These celeb deaths always get amplified and I always get worked up about that. Then I saw something nice that the Rock wrote and I just decided to not talk about this one and be grateful that Walker made some films that I liked. I am a sucker for those F AND F movies.