Friday, November 01, 2013

Thor Banner

I figured since my blog has been so full of Marvel Comics these days, this would be appropriate until I make the new Christmas banner. That'll be up the day after Thanksgiving, probably. I don't know how much Christmas stuff I'll end up doing, but I hope it's more than I did for Halloween. I'm keeping my personal guidelines in place and not doing starting the Christmas celebration until the day after Thanksgiving, which this year would make it November 29.

I think that was part of the reason the Halloween lead-up was so muted for me. I won't start it here until October 1, but there were a lot of people online who started it in the last week of August, and I wouldn't impose my personal preferences on others, but that's why I couldn't work up much enthusiasm. When it goes on too long it stops being special and starts being everyday.

Next year I'll do better.


Roger Owen Green said...

Well, you're wrong about one thing; visiting here is not a waste of time. Or maybe, as Marshall Crenshaw wrote: "My favorite waste of time."

Kelly Sedinger said...

what he said. I've never come away from a visit to this blog thinking, "Well, THAT's five minutes I'm never gonna get back!" Do what makes you happy. (Failing that, do what makes ME happy...but luckily, you and I seem to have a wide area of overlap on that score!)

Josh Rothberg said...

I'm wasting your time by writing this comment, good sir, but I absolutely agree with the muted Halloween week feeling due to early celebrating. The problem is it's hard for me not to get excited in September after so many boring months of Summer displays in supermarkets featuring sandboxes and waterslides.Oh well, love the new banner, btw.